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February 16, 2005


Binod Kumar, M.Sc, M.C.A.

Effective KM can occur only when a systematic approach to all sources is taken, sources that are both tacitc and explicit.

Binod Kumar

David Locke

That a domain lacking a clear definition will eventually evolve to include everything, thus becoming nothing.

R. Todd Stephens, Ph.D.

In Real Estate, the three most important words are location, location, location. In KM, the three most important words are quality, quality, quality. Does anything else matter? What ever it is will be destroyed once the quality is gone.


Hi Denham,

Suddenly it struck me !

KM is not about IQ

It can be successful only with high EQ !

collaboration, networking, understanding where one is coming from, contexting are all skills that are EQ based !


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