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August 06, 2005


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» Learning from mistakes - prerequisite for innovation from Anecdote: complexity - narrative - knowledge
In Melbourne we have a small group of mainly public sector folk who get together monthly to talk about innovation. Recently we have been talking about how innovation requires that people be supported in their mistake-making rather than vilified.&n... [Read More]

» Knowledge-at-work: Mistakes & failures from zarryo.com
Knowledge-at-work: Mistakes & failures ... [Read More]

» Learning From Our Mistakes from b.cognosco
Ex-Microsoft project manager Scott Berkun has written a very good article on how to learn from your mistakes . The article was written in July, well before the Katrina disaster, but is even more pertinent now: quote [...] An illustrative example comes ... [Read More]


Michelle Kagan

This article reached struck a chord with me. Thank you for the checklist.

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