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November 19, 2005


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» Annotations and their role in building context from Anecdote
Denham Greys post on just how usefulannotations can bein providing context reminds me of two famous annotators, Pierre de Fermat and J Edgar Hoover. Fermat wasa genius mathematician born in 1601. Apart from being a judge he del... [Read More]


Josh Gentry

Have you seen the Firefox extension, Scrapbook? It allows you to capture pages, and has simple annotation features.

The Wikalong extension might be more what you had in mind. It's a wiki in the sidebar and entries in the wiki are keyed to URL's.


Toolbar download but still free, online and shareable bookmarks,annotations,clips & snips


W3C has a standard called "Annotea" related to annotation.


Unfortunately, activity seems to have stopped in early 2003.


Googling doesn't necessarily let you peer round the corner. Bookmarking and blogging are much more mainstream and dynamic forms of noting and sharing. They are free!!

Maybe you are missing out on Flock which is annotation overdrive based on the building blocks we are all beginning to use - tags, blogs and browser. No huge leaps, no screwy applets or greasemonkeying around. That's what makes it a killer - it builds on ubiquity.

Webnotes has also rescued my baconbits many times - saveable shareable postits with RSS.


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