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September 13, 2003



Hi Jeff,

Have you considered a 'bloki'? - a combination of wiki and blog.

I'm experimenting with SocialText. The wiki is for notes and discussions, brainstorming and you can 'scrape' the contents and publish via the blog. a great way to build FAQs, collect patterns, complie best practices and post summaries.

Just a thought to swirl around

SocialText = http://www.socialtext.com


I'm trying to set up a web-based collaboration tool for my workgroup. As far as I know, it will be the first one in our network engineering department. My first "wall", conceptually, has been this thought: that the requirements of the collaboration tool to stimulate conversation and ideas around a given project or challenge are fundamentally different than the requirements for later archival material.
For instance, it is probably useful to entertain a wide range of ideas during the process of finding a solution to a given challenge. This may include several individual s with conflicting ideas posting thesis, retorts, and analysis. However, when looking back over the material a year later, it would be useful to have immediately available the solution that eventually was implemented and a summary of the reasons why, with the debates, tangents, etc, pushed to the background. I suppose, in a real sense, I want, during the discussion phase, to allow open-ended discussion/posting, but in archival form, I want to limit extraneous search "hits" that can hinder knowledge retrieval.

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