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September 27, 2003


David Locke

This is the idea that killed expert systems being recycled.

Employers pay for my expertise. If they want to pay me consulting rates or pay for an annuity that keeps me living for the next 50 years, I'll leave them the current methodology. But, it won't be very meaningful a few weeks down the road.

Take for instance today. I came across the notion of using blogs for internal engineering documentation. That changes a hell of a lot. And, right this minute, the idea went one step further. That's how it goes. No standing still ever. And, no catching up if you are my employer.



Tom Grey

1) You cannot store the attributes of a relationship.
2) No amount of info about the past is an accurate guide to the future.
3) What managers want is a reliable what if model: if I do A, I get result X; if I do B, I get result Y. But the future is not reliable.

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