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September 21, 2003


David Locke

Calling things best practices drives me nuts. They are practices. We won't know if they are best practices until we get down the road a bit.

Pattern languages are interesting, because Chris Alexander is always referenced. In one of his later books, the one where they build a model city using his pattern language, he didn't like the results. After that he moved on to emergence.

The software world only adopted pattern languages after Alexander had abandoned them.

Still frames, augmented transition networks, even heuristics evolve around recognizing patterns. They were just different ways to do so. That they weren't human readable or sociable is why they are representations and stop with that.

That knowledge doesn't have to be created or explicated is amazing to me. That tacit can arise without human intervention and be conveyed to others without explication is the interesting thing for me.


denham... i posted a reference on my weblog this morning to the cutter consortium's september journal which has a focus on pattern languages with articles by: Jim Coplien, Alan Shalloway, Steve Berczuk, Dirk Riehle, and Linda Rising and Esther Derby. unfortunately, this is a "for pay" journal but the introduction is freely available for viewing... judith

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