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October 14, 2003


David Locke

A library is an ecology, as is a 7-11. Any place that does business hopes to be an ecology.

An ecology is an environment that consists of producers and consumer. Yes, there is even a petroleum ecology.

In biology, a niche is a food source being consumed by an organism, and in turn that organism is the food source for the next organism.

The issue isn't isolation as much as the food chain being very long, and not totally networked to each link. Diversity enhances ecologies, because it brings with it multiple food chains.

Most species can swith what they eat. Knowledge management should focus on being in more food chains and being able to use different diets. When you say everthing is IT, then unstructured data gets the short shrift. If its all about books, then where is the data. If it all about explicit knowledge, then the largest category of all productive knowledge gets lost. Is it about intellectual content, then dance get lost. If you think knowledge is just about humans, then you miss where humans embed that knowledge.

Of course, everyone can pick their own definition. Nobody's definition is better than anyone elses. And, the results will vary.


I really agree with you


what is the meaning of ecology


I want to know what is the isolated system in the plant ecology ,and an example for it?



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