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November 17, 2003


David Locke

I believe that concepts exist at the assertion-level. The assertion level is pre-linguistic. I know that when I'm drawing to think, the graphics that I draw are not communications ready. They are not yet words. Only after I am finished drawing them an I asked to explain them. It is at that point that they become linguistic. So clearly, there is an intermediate form of knowledge that is not words.

Language is built from those intermediate assertions. Conceptualizatins are built by selecting a colleciton of assertions that link the new to the old and provide a communications context for the new.

One reason we don't see assertions as pre-linguistic is that when we deal with assertions it is in a post-linguistic context. We are interpreting words back into explicit assertions. So we don't notice that we are moving from implicit assertions to explicit words and later to explicit assertions.

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