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November 22, 2003


Betty Bo

This is really a crazy world. How can anybody understand all this crazy stuff all around? It's so meaningless, but in one way it's fantastic!


Hello Denham,

I am studying KM as part of an international masters program.I have applied the Quantum KM model to a case study as the most relavent model. My defense is based on the idea that your model encompasses the elements of the many different models into the four areas of community, cognitive, network and philosophical.
Please let me know if my interpetation is incorrect...
If I am correct,can you direct me to other sources, that reference this model, as I need 2 sources to support my defense.
Thank you,

Shawny Diane

Does anybody know why? I can’t believe that this is really true! But often the things are not as they seem to be in this coloured world…

Lara Josefine

Really good work. I found a lot of profound information which can help me to go on. Thanks for all this input.

John Moore

Thanks for this Denham...

I easily see which Quadrant I feel most at home in (Philosophical), so it won't surprise you that I recoil in horror at most diagrams which categorise KM. But this one makes a lot of sense.

I can see that for particular purposes, different approaches are going to work best. Reminds me of Dave Snowden's quadrant (see http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/sj/423/kurtz.pdf) which separates complex from complicated etc.

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