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November 29, 2003


Daniel Von Fange

Great summery here. I am possibly about to dive into a small knowledge management projects. I'd forgotten the yellow pages aspect.



Can you give me the one liner on information ecology? Is it the developments associated with the semantic web, new ways to connect (wifi?),
and the larger digital library concept?

If so I wonder if KM can really stake a claim aside from a general empathy for networking?

Perhaps my take on IE is way too narrow?


Hi Jeff,

There certainly is a great risk in being technology centric. I must be giving the wrong impression as my interest / forte is way over to the people side of KM.

KM is all about people, culture, motivation, collaboration and sharing thoughts.

Jeffrey Hicks


I am a 25 year old web programmer who isn't quite qualified to give you the feedback desired. I love your column. Most of these "pickings" you brought up in this entry will probably take me years to bring into full effect at my company.

Please divulge some of your more emotional profesional issues and what makes you vulnerable as a technology slanted knowledge management professional.

Bryan Alexander

Denham, would the progress of the information ecology concept and practice be significant enough to count?

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