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November 12, 2003



Very excellent, I have learnt lot of things from you.

David Locke

Answers are the infons of a taxonomy. The infons gave rise to the taxons or decisions, so the taxonomy runs from the root to the taxons and ultimately to the infons, to the answers: decision, decision, decision, ...., decision, answer.

Questions are the jello into which the taxonomy is placed.

In an ontology, different sortables create different points of view. So you have the approved point of view. These are the answers. The unapproved points of view are the questions. These points of view are mutually opaque. Someone that sees one cannot see the other in the same way that one that sees it can.

In ontologies, you end up with peach and lemon jello, and a mix between the two.

Postmodernist ethnographies try to overcome the need for the translator, but the borders still mix. Creole happens.

These things happen because a question cannot be answered in any fixed and permanent manner. 1+1=2, only as long as some topologist doesn't come along and insist on base 2.5.

In a sense, the visual I got a few weeks ago when I was exploring the Special Theory of Relativity was a sheet that drooped down on a table top. The ends were high and middle was flat. The flat area was the answers. The areas of divergence were the questions.

Answers are stable for the moment. Questions are still emergent.

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