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January 02, 2004



Yeeeahd, it's csool


Hello can you help me through sending me the job description of the knowledge organization department in libraries, please.

Best wishes

David Locke

I followed the enumerative descriptions link and then out to POIMS. The author of the POIMS article makes too many mistakes. When he started talking about information overload, I pretty much lost interest in the article.

Early on he talks about expanding managerial focus. Information overload is exactly that an issue that arises when focus is expanded and thus diluted. Geoffrey Moore talks about how managerial focus must be managed in "Linving on the Fault Line." The answer is to focus on less, not more.

Then, he says that thinking converts info to knowledge. No. Think all you want if it is info it isn't going to turn into knowledge, unless you take the tack that all info is explicit knowledge where I would say not so.

I've reached my [patience] threahold, so I couldn't get beyond that. There may be a grain of something beyond the KM speak, marketease, but I couldn't find it.

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