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May 04, 2004


David Locke

Just read a paper last week that showed that strong-tie networks increased product success for continuous innovation, and that weak-tie networks increased product success for discontinuous or radical innovation.

Are your measures local or global?

Going back to my earlier comment about the inner ear vs neurons, it breaks down to weak-tie networks (ear) and strong-tie networks (neural networks). Balance is lost and then regained. Balance is discontinuous innovation. Neural networks insist on continuous innovation. Evolution similarly is a loose-tie network. Man manages their projects as strong-tie networks.


great post. I think knowledge is impossible to measure, but possible to value (ie: through stories). But practices of knowledge management can be measured in different ways: maturity models, storytelling, cost analysis, collaborative climate indes...and so on.
I agree, control measurement has no meanings in the area of KM, but impact measurement has !

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