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June 25, 2004




After reading this post, I went back and read through some of the various discussions of PKM. You once wrote, "In many ways, my unease with PKM parallels my thoughts on the paradigms that focus on individual rather than social learning." I'm not sure I understand the cause of your unease, but that is likely because I think that KM and PKM are separate topics that should be discussed as such where you seem to believe they are part of the same topic.

Personal KM, as the name implies, is related to individual (personal) learning. How an individual learns new things, and subsequently applies this new knowledge to the job at hand, is a very personal process. I would think that no two people would have the same process, and that many factors go into how an individual learns. Also, as you well know, just because every individual in an organization is learning doesn't make it a learning organization.

General KM, on the other hand, is related to organizational learning, which may or may not rely on any individual learning. In fact, I would submit that it is entirely possible to have a learning organization in which the people that make it up never "learn" anything new.

Obviously, the ideal mix is one where individuals are encouraged to use the tools and processes by which they personally learn the most, while making sure that those tools and processes are integrated into the overall learning process of the organization.



I guess the truth is somewhere in between :) For me knowlegde is created as an interplay between community conversations and dialogues with self. Both sides are important.

From this perspective PKM is a personal effort to weave these two sides in a most effective way (and: KM is an organisational effort to weave these two sides in a most effective way).

Still... love your opposition... best ideas grow when outcomes of self-thinking are faced with good opponents. Hope to meet one day :)))

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