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August 13, 2004


Neil Olonoff

The comments on McElroy and Firestone's online "communication style" pique my interest in relation to a pet peeve of mine: the issue of 'mystification and obfuscation' by some KM theorists and practitioners.

(I'm not accusing McElroy and Firestone, necessarily. It's not their fault I don't understand what they're talking about all the time! ;-) )

But when I see a dozen fifty-cent words all strung together, I become impatient and suspicious. I ask myself, isn't it possible to say it simpler? Now, clearly, practitioner issues (including philosophy of knowledge) are mind-bendingly complex.

One of my deeply held beliefs, is that in order for KM to be successful -- to eventually be 'part of the woodwork' -- it needs to make work simpler.

Part of that process is to enable translation of your basic KM story (whatever it may be) from Academese or Consultant-Speak into Plain English.

Too many consultants and theorists hide behind gibberish because:
- they don't know what they're talking about
- they think clients will be impressed
- it sounds impressive and expensive

The sad part is, too many audiences swallow that stuff whole!

Jack Vinson

Unfortunately, they've lost it again. When Joe started posting his series about 'communitarianism,' I wrote up my thoughts and he responded in the comments.

At the end of that, I mention a great summary of how online passions get flamed from Timothy Campbell.

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