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August 22, 2004


Neil Olonoff

PKM - All Knowledge is "Personal"

The notion of Personal Knowledge Management should be further elaborated and eventually folded into the general KM framework as an essential part of the philosophy, methodology and toolset. Here's why:

First, all Tacit knowledge is personal, by definition. The original wellsprings of innovation and creation are personal, as is most creative art. (Not that individual creation isn't influenced by externals. But it's a mysterious alchemy.)

Certainly, memory and work are social and collaborative, but we submerge the individual at our risk. We're asking the creative individual to contribute; we should return the favor by honoring their process with appropriate tools and support.

Plus, let's not forget that many collaborative, 'connected' workers are actually sitting alone in home offices with no one but a whiny cat to collaborate with, face-to-face. For that person -- and there are millions of them -- personal KM is not a theory, it's a vital resource!

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