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September 12, 2004


David Locke

One of the things I have to do as a marketer of disruptive technologies is to create a COIN for my technical enthusiasts.

This statement is false:
"Their prime focus on innovation rather than individual participant identity, awareness and learning."

They organize aroung an innovation to adopt it, which requires identity, awareness, learning, co-evolution, culture. Being first makes the participants valuable. Being last makes the participants normed, as unemployable. In technology, you are either ahead of the curve or lost.

Further, nobody is ascribing to any principles. The principles of collaborative knowledge networking is an after the face finding. No technical enthusiasts know that they practice these things. None of them learn the principles first and then participate. The principles are a finding from someone in the KM domain. The particpants are not usually KMers.

Do KMers really believe that the managed knowledge workers are just like us?

KM is an externally applied system. The participants of CoPs and COINs do not know that they are doing that. For the most part they are doing their job or maintaining their value as employees in disciplines that erode their knoweldge base on an ongoing basis. Innovation is the gateway to more knowledge, so a knowledge worker must go there. They know that. They should never get enthralled with a technology. That is a certain recipe for finacial disaster.

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