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September 26, 2004


iraj moradi

im a pgd student and interested in KM .that would be geat kind of you to send me some articles

Denham Grey

Knowledge in artifacts,

I guess there may be some form of knowledge congealed in an artifact, but it still requires a community to 'interpret', a group to vet the value, and discourse to appreciate the meaning.

David Locke

How could KM be threatened. It is everything and in that everything, it is nothing. Always has been.

A few weeks ago I picked up a book on KE. It partitioned Knowledge into four components. One was socialization. I liked the book, because it was written more along the lines of my experience of KM. Social aspects are important, but the object non-object distinction you make here Denham is still not correct. Some object related KM is IM. I can go with that. But, not all object aspects are IM.

I continue to assert that knowledge is separate from brains. And, in that case, knowledge has to reside in objects, and by that I do not mean object-oriented objects, or documents, but rather real physical artifacts.

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