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October 21, 2004


David Locke

Anyway, no speed doesn't make you better. Even the so called learning advantage has turned into a myth against the ever faster follower.

What fast did was even out cash flow.

The learning environment still learns slowly. The Preditor drone exercises that taught troops to use the Preditor and to defend against it are and example of how OODA worked. It worked as a simulation to deliver learning. The lessons themselves were part of the larger learning environment driven by procurement processes.

The base infrastructure still has to exist before the OODA Loops can work. You must gain enough experience to know the patterns cold. The patterns were extracted from the AARs.

When you translate this to the corporation, the corporation must build core competencies over five years or more. The OODA Loops are not going to speed that up. You have to find people, hire them, and keep them, before you have a capability. OODA Loops might be involved in realizing all the elements of the competency, but at what point do you swamp the learning environment?

David Locke

OODA is tactical. It is situated in learning environment that feedbacks on the after action report (AAR).

A book by Norbert Werner's (rocket propulstion) son demonstrated how the notion of internet time, geing faster and faster did not put more money on the tabl

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