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December 18, 2004


John Morrison

Enjoyed your insights. Here are a few of my own. I hated Wenger's book. It is too theoretical for me. Reification and the like. And that is the main problem I am having with many of the KM thinkers out there even though I just finished a KM MA program at Royal Roads University. It is just too darn theoretical. Not practical enough for me. I have not seen any concrete evidence as yet that KM can be implemented in the practical sense of the term, except perhaps as a resource - although I have been slammed for even suggesting Knowledge Management be viewed as a corporate resource to be managed and exploited, yes exploited. But, I'll stuck to my guns here. All too often the KM proponents are pushing a knowledge initiative that turns out to be information management related. Case in point is the US Navy's "Knowledge Wall." An electronic stateboard that displays information, not knowledge. The problem with Knowledge Theory (although I do enjoy its potential and premise) is that it's just not practical enough. I enjoyed Stewart's "Intellectual Capital" and Baird and Henderson's "The Knowledge Engine" Interestingly enough I have been able to personally and somewhat subliminally equate Baird and Henderson's analogy of a knowledge two stroke engine proferring a knowledge to performance to knowledge continuum quite readily in my own area of project management.

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