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January 30, 2005


David Locke

Doesn't the need for a class on this stuff just point out how very unsocial the applications really are. Interfaces select, so only those in the know will participate, which is one of the typical failures of KM.



Many thanks for your interest, will be making contact down the road.

Things are still at a very early stage. So far we have Lilia Efimova, Patrick Hindert and myself trying to work up an agenda, arrange space at METS and integrate this into their regular training courses.

I will keep you informed of progress and greatly welcome your experience and interest.

Tom Collins


This sounds very interesting. Would love to get involved, help with planning, present and/or attend. Everyone has much to learn about these tools and most have much to share, as well.

So, who's "We"? Where can we find details (dates, agendas, proposals, etc.)? Why so cryptic? ;-))



Greetings Lars,

Go rid of the TB spam thanks for the hint. I'm sorry I do not know any web developers that could help here.


Denham, this sounds like a good idea.

Especially the:
" Our focus will be personal productivity and effectiveness and the ways to increase this using these exciting technologies."

Then "user" 用SS来提升个人学习效能 linked to : http://blog.online-edu.org/zxl/004611.html

and somewhere, along this line -
http://fxfeeds.mozillazine.org/ showed up.

Well, you know. Have used wikis, blogs, all kinds of web-interactive thingeys, here, there, all kinds, over the years, and am "still" after all these years, a newbie - a newcomer. Too much, too fast, in an interactive world moving far, far faster than my "interactively detached" abilities, are. Is.

Ran into this person, the other year, who started a website, a few years back: http://humanunity.org .

This website needs updates and design. BigTime.

I'm not the person, for that.

You know anyone?



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