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January 02, 2005



I agree wtih you that it will be very interesting to see how this develops and we will see lots of interesting tags emerge. The tag "to read" has already made it to the top 10 list on www.blinklist.com. It is a new site we just launched. If you get the chance to play around with it please let me know.



Furl is a social bookmarking site from Looksmart with ratings and comments

Spurl http://www.spurl.net/
is more private than both del.icio.us and furl


Tagging moves along - the next steps:


Carol H Tucker

so -- are you still impressed?

David Kato

I agree with Rupert. A big fault in del.icio.us is the lack of a good rating system. There is a lot of information, but hard to figure out what going to help.

Another feature that would improve a lot the sense of community is a score to the posters like Slashdot.

One last thing that is missing is a good search engine.

David Kato


Yup, del.icio.us is certainly a nice tool - but I think it started in Nov 03 not Nov 04 !!

Combining it with a "content saver" like onfolio or the scrapbook extension for firefox will, if and when it happens, make it even more useful.



Peer review

Works very well. Brilliant for connecting and harvesting in the wider world and seeding new web conversations. Group tags are also a great idea.

One drawback or possible improvement is rating and ranking links. Popularity is an excellent indicator, however in a group or community there is a tighter focus. Group link dumps/systems need to implement or retain a peer based ranking scoring and review.

The *universal* bookmarking tool is still a little way off but there is a home for knowledge snips and there are dozens of new connections coalescing.


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