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February 27, 2005


Ian Terrell

Just visited this site. So hi!. Lot's of interesting material. I shall be directing my colleagues here. Keep in touch

Andrew Mitchell

I'd love to join in the "exploration of the role of tacit knowledge in bicycle riding" but I can't find the IHMC's public Cmap folders. Can you be more specific about how to find these? I've looked under the "places" section in CMap and there are three places, none of which is IHMC.


Matt Theobald

BTW - I came accross your posting via ASIS&T and a top classification consultant in LA.

Matt Theobald

Hi Denham,

I'd like your personal recommendation on private blogware for KM for a team of classificationists I'm putting together for ISEN. Call me when you get a chance. 317.716.7729


I appreciate your open minded expression. We must follow our natural slope and concepts maps are compliant with it. But we have still to improve the way we use them because they are ONLY the mirror of our thoughts at a given instant.Nevertheless, they are, namely, a mean of recapitulating knowledge -or more surely metaknowledge- of ourself or a group of persons working on the same topic.

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