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March 13, 2005


master fentaw

possible to send any text about kr?

Carol H Tucker

did you know that you were featured as one of the daily links on March 16th for elearningpost http://www.elearningpost.com?

their summary:

Denham Grey talks about the usefulness of representations:
“Representations are material, they allow ideas and experience to have an independent existence in an externalized form, they help to capture emergent thought. Like a lump of clay, a representation is tangible, it can be pointed to, passed around, played with. It takes thought experimentation one step further, eliciting new ideas.”


Greetings Ben,

We are using a Cmap tool to explore community concept mapping at KnowledgeBoard - join us.



I'm a graduate student major in the technology of education and very interesting in knowledge representation. Is there any online platform use concept map to share knowledge?

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