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March 07, 2005


Garsett Larosse

I'm glad you agree, Denham.

I was lucky to remember I had posted this here, and after carefully looking found your response in italics below it.
It seems to me that we've set a good example by including e-mail notification in the TeleCommunity blog-engine.

We also now offer a WYSIWYG-editor in our wiki-like WebWorkspaces, btw.

Garsett Larosse

Are you finding deep dialog in the blogosphere, Denham?

It seems to me that you underestimate the vanity-degree of blogs.
People learn by connecting, some by reading, some by writing, yes.
That's a part of personal knowledge management, perhaps.

But structuring of collaboratively built knowledge, functional knowledge representation, and developing ways to tie this into our daily practice, shouldn't that be our goals?

Conversations in the blogosphere are distributed and qualitatively different to being in a place/space or using a conversation engine. Agree we need to anneal our knowledge pieces and to cross-edit 'source documents'.

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