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May 01, 2005


David Locke

Library budgets will be eliminated. Literacy is not useful in a top-down aristocracy, which America is remaking itself into.

Libaries are weapon systems. At least when people deploy them in Mongolia and such.

Libaries are not knowledge centers or even knowledge practices. They are information and content practices. Again, knowledge is not content. Never was, and isn't going to be so ever.

A morgue is more of a knowledge practice than a library. Of course, all that knowledge is toe tagged and bagged.

Universitities engage in knowledge practice, and I don't mean in the libraries.

John T. Maloney

Hi --

Important to see:


It is part of the UCSF main library.



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Andrew Mitchell

Jenny @ 'The Shifted Librarian' is already doing a great job bring this to life.

Scott Sorley

Libraries are great at creating information repositories and they constantly struggle to provide better ways of exposing these repositories to their users.

I think the idea of RSS feeds is great, and think that libraries should push the forefront in providing and promoting RSS readers to patrons.

Christina Pikas

Your mythical library folk do not reflect the views or activities of most professional librarians.

We actively involve our customers (no, we don't call them patrons anymore).

We believe in the library as place (meeting rooms and group areas to support collaboration, programs and events to build networks...)

We have vibrant, customizable portals and personalized services for our customers. These include blogs, feeds, e-mail alerts, sharepoint spaces.

We are out in our communities, offering services where and when needed.

We do environmental scanning for our customers and suggest items of interest to them.

The collections are our foundation. The place we jump off *from*. Our services are what we offer.

Peter Christo

That has to be the most insightful blog entry on KM I have seen to date.

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