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May 28, 2005


David Locke

Practices become processes. Actually, they are processes. What they are not are "business" proceeses, which is what your list is really describing.

Practices are like architecture. There is an idigenous archictecture regradless of whether architects like it or not.

You list under practices seems to be some of that Fast Company, HR bunkem that litters the KM field. Have you noticed that business has dug into the bottom line over the past four years and doesn't really care abou the bullets listed under practices. Compliance is valued. This just means that it will be a tough sale for KM in the business world. Idealists, no thanks.

In your taxonomy of practice and process, you give process a negative connotation, but in an outsourced world process is the ultimate goal of practice, as is commoditization, packaging, and freeing ones self from all of the things that don't add value like meaning, understanding, and awareness in non-differentiating aspects of ones business.

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