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June 25, 2005


David Locke

The things you list as being affordances really bends the definition of affordances. Affordances evolve towards a fitness of use. The presence of the things means that the space is evolving and maybe the space is sublimating and making affordances, but it is not that the list of things listed are the affordances.

The issue with short-term evolution is the need to ask are you affording or is it. I'd say you are affording.

An increasing number of controls is a sure sign that sublimation and affordance are not occuring.

David Locke

Situatedness is cultural. In a collaboration, you move from your culture to a newly constructed culture. When categories lose their signage purposes, you have become fully a member of that constructed cultre. Affordances are cultural. The re-implication of the explicit is cultural.

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