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June 11, 2005


Amir Michail

I think social bookmarking would benefit from social ranking, particularly when timely/helpful ranking suggestions are rewarded through greater ranking influence:


Klas K.

Thank you for a great list!

I have not worked so much with the ones you are listing. But I have a lot of experience from sharing bookmarks with a limited number of people within a specific field.

I am launching a webservice where collaboration is in focus. Sharing bookmarks is one component. What we are trying to do is to combine social networking, social bookmarking, project workspace, all into one service.

If you are interested, we are right now looking for beta testers.



BTW, maybe the following link (a comparison of different tools) is of your interest: tool comparison

David Locke

Well, there is the whole top-down and bottom-up, faceted approach. While tags are emergent, facets need not be so.

More intresting than the tags themselves is how tags can be used as the cultural eigen, which in turn would indicate the cultural geography of the tagging base.


You missed probably the best tool for scientists: CiteULike (http://www.citeulike.org/).

Many thanks, added this to the list - it seems to be a very useful site. DCG

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