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July 16, 2005


David Locke

It was the historic failure of "refactoring" that gave rise to the engineered. That more concerns became engineered to the point of the heavyweight methodologies, and the subsequent replacement of thee methodologies with the lightweigh and the return of refactoring is just an example of the endless feedback cycle you have talked about in other places.

Explication and the reimplication, the wiki and the scrip spammers is just a natural process. Value attracts all.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

This really seems like a shame. Is it just because of script spammers that your closing the wiki? For the sake of wikis everywhere, couldn't one of the oldest and best implement some kind of human authentication step? Is typekey sign-in enough to stop wiki spam? How about one of those "copy the letters in this box" features? I hate to see spam kill a wiki.


This is a shame. Any chance you can move the content over to a wiki that anyone can read but only a few can edit?

I'm considering options to transfer to a new host DCG

Carol H Tucker

Like many folks, I have enjoyed riding on your coattails, Denham. The banking links that I have kept are used quite often by me and by others and it will be difficult to find a home as warm and welcoming as your's has been!

James Robertson

Thanks so much for all the effort you've put into KmWiki over the years! I know that I've benefited from the unique collection of resources, and the world will be a poorer place for its passing...


James, Many thanks for those kind words DCG

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