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September 11, 2005



Nice post, Denham. It got me thinking really hard as to whether I just connect with people or converse with them. I guess one needs to have matching wavelengths with the other parties involved to converse easily, else it gets a lot more challenging and perhaps remains just a weak connection. I agree with Shawn - we don't seem to find the time to relax and connect, let alone converse. The benefits are not seen. We don't respect each other so much that we feel the need to converse...and more importantly see any great ideas coming from such conversations...and also, we rarely are able to trace back an idea to its origin...


I'd like to see a more "social version" of a tool like imarkup that allows the digital annotation of web based content including allowing you to leave audio annotations. I know that efforts in the past were abandoned because they were deemed graffiti (third voice) but I think times have changed.


I've always liked your classification of blogs as second-order social software, and wonder to what extent podcasts fall into this category. There's a larger speedbump or hurdle to cross than there is in, say, good discussion tools or wikis.

When I listen to podcasts outside of the blog environment, I feel that speedbump grow. For example, if I want to respond to a point but am walking with an iPod or driving and listening from my laptop, there's no immediate response venue. Are podcasts third-order social software?

Shawn Callahan

Excellent observation about the trade off between conversation and connection. I just has breakfast with a couple of people whom I normally connect with but found after about 10 minutes we were deep in conversation. I expect time is key here. In our world that values busy-ness (hmmm sounds like bus-i-ness) people don't seem to be able to relex in order to enjoy a conversation.

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