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October 14, 2005


James Robertson

"Expertise registers and directories" are a quick win?!?

In my experience, many organisations have implemented these, but few (if any) have founds ways of ensuring they are sustainable and long-term useful.

Actually, looking at your quick wins, I note that they are primarily technology solutions. Is this the best first step?

Wouldn't it be better to identify some immediate _business problems_ to solve as the first step, rather than rushing into deploying new bits of tech?

Just my $0.02 :-)


Good observations James.

My post was not clear, I'm suggesting doing a knowledge mapping exercise to discover issues, gaps & opportunities and suggesting a short list of 'easy' projects to cut your teeth. The way to keep directories updated is to ensure they play a role in work selection, e.g. for project teams and to encourage conversations around touch-points - at least that has worked for me.

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