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October 29, 2005


Matt Moore


IBM have just launched an intranet site encouraging employees to get into podcasting. As an educator and manic self-publicist, I love the idea but have only just starting dipping my toes in the water here.

The best podcasts are conversation-based, lively (without being crazed) and brief.

Lumpy the CyberJunkie

I think attempting to guess just what the potential is a bit pointless. We, the end-users, create the potential. As far as I am concerned, I think it is nearly limitless. I personally am a good auditory learner. I have already begun searching for audio clips to pop in my ears rather than my retina.

I do a podcast (radiostatic.am) and I spend a good 256 minutes a day previewing the music for the show. When I am not filling my SD cards with tunes, I am filling them with geek talk show podcasts.

RSS feeds are great for written material but one cannot read while driving. (Better said "should not") Given the fact that the average commute time in the USA is around 25 minutes, makes a 20 minute podcast is a great idea. Some car manufactures are even including USB plugs in the radios for just such usage.

The potential is only limited by how organized the material is nd how creative our minds are. I found podcast on knitting, curling and pickleing with only three Google searches so it seems that it is there for the finding.

If it is there hobbies, it is likely to show up for more professional material. (Hopefully, I am not ofending any professional curlers.)

Max Leibman

I think there is massive potential here for training and policy announcements.

I know I despise reading memos and manuals; I would even be willing to let work into my commute (for a few minutes, anyhow) if it meant I could stop reading two to three pages six time (I always end up just moving my eyes and letting the bland text wash over me, uncognizant) and initialing documents I have a questionable chance of retaining.

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