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October 05, 2005


David Locke

Ontologies cannot be shared. They can be bridged, but not shared. The act of building these shared ontologies is a management intervention, which only serves to politicize, ostricize and create oscillations that look like constant change.

David Locke

Knowledge generalization is the destruction of knowledge.

David Locke

When have you ever been in a meeting that didn't force interventions? As a management tool a meeting is intended to force interventions.

Forced interventions give rise to such things as requirements volitility.

Andre Saito

Hello Denham,
Thanks for your comments at my site last week. They opened my mind to things I was not considering in my research.
Yes, creating knowledge in communities seems to be the essence of KM, I think. But there are so many things to consider, so many concepts, so many techniques... I inevitably come back to your question: what would be the key topics, the key concepts, the key ideas? Would it be possible to make it simpler? I am struggling with it...

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