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October 14, 2005


David Locke

Knowledge need not be semantic. The most valuable knowledge is pre-linguistic, as in implicit. It can only be explicated towards the explicit, or semantic. And, once it is explicated, it loses its value.

Knowledge can be captured, used, transferred, and sold while it is still implicit.

Why would non-technical people want to capture knowledge? Oh, right, I forget ....

Dennis Thomas

In all my reading on Knowledge Management, I have yet to read a clear distinction between information and knowledge, or a scientific definition of knowledge at all. It is encouraging to see that the KM community is now looking at concept modeling and other "deeper" aspects of knowledge capture. Given this, I would like to invite anyone who is interested, into a discussion of new technologies that allow non-technical people to capture any form of human knowledge. In specific, theory-based semantic technologies as offered through Knowledge Foundations in Orange County, California.

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