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February 19, 2006



is km failing? my opinion is formed, but with less than 100% confidence; 75-80% maybe. i see km as a pretty much a failed business management practice. everyone draws upon their own personal experience when responding with an opinion. my opinion is no different. i draw upon my personal involvement in two business management practices that came into prominence before km; tqm and bpr. like km, their cache' , visibility, and fundamental relevance has subsided. but, in my opinion, tqm and bpr represent two very different exits from prominence. i see bpr as having gone away due to its being founded on a largely failed premise; wholesale process replacement based on exterior rationalized "engineering" rather than continuous, adaptive adjustment. and i see tqm as having gone away because of its ubiquitous adoption and then adaption into all other business management practices, so that tqm itself. no longer mattered. thats the way i view the histories of tqm and bpr. and, i have a clear sense that km may have fallen more into the bpr model than the tqm pattern. what do you think?

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