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February 12, 2006


David Locke

All three of these notions about knowledge are wrong. A thing is the repository of the knowledge that went into making it. Knowledge is EXPLICATED through social interaction, but not created by those interactions. And, it is totally geek to say that knowledge must be shared, yes, but only amoung say ten to twenty people, otherwise it loses its financial value. Wealthy people share info amoung their in crowd. If the public knew, then the deal wouldn't be worth squat.

Knowledge has nothing to do with "to know." Oh, yeah, you know you have knowledge when you know it, but knowledge exists seperately from man.

The Theory of Relativity described a situation. That situation existed before the theory. And, we still don't know what the theory tells us in the real.

But don't listen to me. Listen to the people trying to sell knowledge management. Then, wonder why it hasn't sold.

opatola mustapha olayiwola

on role and nature of sociological theory;theoretical formulations as typologies;theories as models;and theories as axioms.

opatola mustapha olayiwola

reason and experience are very important in having knowledge.


knowledge is defined by: "to know"

to know is to to possess a "design of meaning"- an accumulated store of concepts and the relationships those concepts hold to one another.

1. all knowledge is held by a knower...

the means to come by ones design of meaning is to be exposed to/interact with the world.

2. all knowledge is created by/through social interaction.

and, 3. all knowledge is useful only to the degree it is shared.

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