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June 25, 2006


David Locke

I do not believe that BOs carry meaning beyond or across ethnographic or cultural units. The BOs are reinterpreted within each cultural unit. The labels may index those interpretations, but very few BOs are actually explicated to the point where one cultural unit is actually trying to communicate with another.

Businesses ignore the details of the BO in its source culture and reframe it in terms of accounting, which ignores any issues other than explicit cost. Even economic theory disrespects the source culture of the BOs by saying that the person with the best incentive makes the best decision, which means that if you take a bum off the street and pay him $3M/yr to make the decisions, he will make better decisions than an expert in a functional unit. Righ!

Mostly, BOs are ignored by the Alphas, and only Alpha culture matters.

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