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August 02, 2006


Account Deleted

In literature there are lots of definition of knowledge and knowledge management. I can give a one page definition of knowledge management. If you analyse that definition it comes down to everything you do with data. I can give also give you a 3 word definition of knowledge management: 'handling owned information'...which again comes down to almost everything you do.
I am lacking the side of 'feeling' knowledge in most knowledge management approaches. While one of the most challenging things in implementing knowledge management projects is getting all the team members with the nose in the same direction and letting them go at the same speed.
I agree with David that KM is often misused: not in the least by companies selling KM-software...

David Locke

I don't know where your definition comes from Bruce, but knowledge isn't necessarily explicated. Once it is explicated, it isn't as valuable either. And, in terms of knowledge managment, there is more to do than manage explicit content. The content management definitions are pure buzzword, and over reaching by adjacent disciplines getting in on the KM game, mostly by people who don't have a clue about KM. There is very little value add in knowledge management as content management.

Knowledge is useful whether it is codified or not, defined or not. Knowledge is embedded, and once embedded it is transferable, not that anyone notices.

Bruce Lewin

Do you look at the definitions of knowledge at all? The means to define and codify?

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