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September 24, 2006


Shawn Callahan

These definitions assume knowledge is a thing, which is one valid view. How would you describe knowledge as a flow or process Denham? Whenever I've tried I end up giving example of knowledge as a flow such as social networks.

David Locke

The reason they call it management is that they intend to exploit its business value. It isn't about building playrounds in the sky.

Steve Beller, PhD

I can see how explicit knowledge (EK) is a commodity in a business value sense. But just as the meaning of EK can be affected by tacit knowledge (TK), why can't EK stimulate the emergence of TK, like when you read a book whose EK triggers the creating or modification of some deeply held belief, which then tacitly influences your behavior?

David Locke

Most of the knowledge we deal with everyday is tacit. Even with the information explosion, most of the knowledge is tacit.

The business value of explicit knowledge or information is much lower than that of tacit knowledge. To explicate is to commoditize.

Steve Beller, PhD

Well said, Denham. I've added your description of these knowledge types to to my DIKUW blog .

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