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October 06, 2006


Shawn Callahan

Totally agree Denham. But how do people develop their PKM capabilities? I sense that many organisations are pushing, more and more, for formal courses and training (get the certificate) when a program of self education supplemented by tools like Buzzoodle which suggests a bunch of crazy networking things you can do as an individual or group. Do you know of any self edication programs for PKM?


Knowledge is like money. If its's not going anywhere it's not worth anything!


I am struggling with the same ideas about dialogue, relationships and knowledge building in New Zealand Denham -

I want to explore the idea that the unique advantage that ICTs bring to knowledge building is connectivity and networking of the individual and that this advantage will never happen whilst we cling to hierarchies that perpetuate the power imbalance inherent when we submerge ourselves in the groups developed through institutions. Read more ..

Sidorkian 3 drink metaphors for dialogue aside - I think that Doc Searl's "Giant Zero" with its “Nobody owns it, everybody can use it and anybody can improve it” metaphor - is just perfect for understanding how the net contributes to relationship building reciprocity and dialogue

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