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October 26, 2006


David Locke

Librarians have to deal with the transitory nature of web content. No solution really exists for dead links, or changes to links due to the reorganization of content. Web farms and archivists are having to capture webpages, because longevity has value.

It's all good and fine to enable self-publishing, but the stuff is useless unless you want to capture it and store it on your own machine. All this does is push more hardware.

When you cite, the cited text should be there, but there is no certainty about that. Of course, who wants to cite in a world built of cheap talk.


I wonder if the shift is from books to blogs (which are like personal columns in a newspaper somehow). I think the shift if more from information via intermediaries (journalists, reporters, publishers) to self-publication, self-generation of content by anyone...

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