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October 07, 2006


Steven Kaye

One thing I've been trying to understand is how much takeup Library 2.0 has among corporate librarians - it seems to be largely discussed by academic and public librarians, from what I can tell.

David Locke

Instead of some new web technology, lets say that a new type of nail was invented. Suddenly, libraries thought that they could be better libraries if they used this new type of nail. That's how this argument runs that a library 2.0 would be better than library 1.0. A library 2.0 is a B&N or a Borders, an no loud music doesn't help.

David Locke

As if open source is a good thing? If it were open source, there would be no content at all.

Michael Casey

You are correct when you say that so much of L2 is KM. I would love for more libraries to be discussing KM. I tried to hit on it a bit in a post I made several months back but I have yet to see much written on integrating KM into librarian's daily lives.


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