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December 30, 2006


David Locke

PKM is a necessity just to protect us from bad goverment.

David Locke

Hindert's blog that mentions this "State as Remainder Beneficiary" shows just how outrageous the healthcare system is.

The goverment forces us to live longer through public health infrastructure investments, so they can lay claim to our estates. A person on an annuity eventually has to be on Madicare, so the state is the ultimate receipent of malpractice settlements. So where is the state interest in preventing malpractice. This undermines the regulation of medicine. So anyone could be a doctor and that is ok with the state. That is what free markets is about.

The good thing is that the average citizen isn't out there reading the laws and regulations that are being written. We don't need mindmaps. We need print.

David Locke

So the insurance companies have found a new way to weasel out of their responsibilities, whose surprised.

I'm sure a mind map will make a difference to the receipents of settlements. "Yeah, Joe, is shows me right here in this diagram how I got screwed," KM at its best.

The insurance companies write the laws, so what do you expect, and since when was a contract a contract?

Commutation wasn't an issue in S2 the last time I was involved with it. It is just an example of the explication of knowledge. It emmerged. But, did KM have anything to do with it, or was it the greed of one single attorney somewhere?

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